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What is an eBook ?
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What is an ebook ? - New to ?

An eBook is a book which is in digital format; it's an electronic file.

1. Are my favorite titles available as eBooks ?

Yes, more than 120,000 titles with all major publishers are available for sell on
Just make your selection: search titles / authors / publishers, browse the categories, browse authors or just get a novel, a dictionary, or Medical ebooks, or even eLearning ebooks...

Start now by browsing our bestsellers...


2. Can I find free eBooks ?

Yes, lots of free Mobipocket eBooks are available on Internet and more than 10,000 free eBooks are available on the Mobipocket free eBooks website.


3. What's new and better with eBooks ?

  • INSTANT DELIVERY : Download from the Internet and get your book straight away : you don't have to wait several days for delivery.
  • CARRY YOUR BOOKSHELF IN YOUR POCKET: You can store dozens of books on your PDA, and always have your favorite books with you.
  • CHEAPER : Save between 30 and 50% on the paperback price (see below print price) ; with electronic books, the costs of printing, transportation, distribution are cut.
  • GET DEFINITIONS : a word you've never heard before or in a foreign language ? Just select it and get the definition! (if you have the corresponding dictionary)
  • SEARCHABLE: Search and find a word/an expression in your eBook : it's electronic !


4. Can I read Mobipocket eBooks on my PDA or on my phone ?

Of course, that the main benefit of Mobipocket eBooks: read the same eBook on a Windows PC, Windows Mobile, Palm Os, Symbian, Blackberry, Pocket-PC, Cybook, Iliad...

Get more details about all supported devices at the Mobipocket eBook Reader presentation page.


5. Can I read Mobipocket eBooks on a device with a "ePaper screen" ?

Yes, try the Cybook or the iRex


6. I don't have a Windows-PC, can I read eBooks ?

You don't have a PC ? This is not a problem, just install manually the Mobipocket Reader on your PDA and put manually the ebooks you download from the Mobipocket website.


7. Can I make my own eBooks ?

Yes, you can simply convert your documents with the Mobipocket Desktop Reader or with the free Mobipocket Creator.
(from Word, Pdf, text, html, or even chm documents).


8. Can I publish eBooks ?

Yes, please visit the Welcome page for eBook publishers in order to get more informations on how to publish with Mobipocket.


9. Can I print my eBooks ?

To protect copyrights, Mobipocket eBooks are not printable.


10. Can I copy a small excerpt ?

Yes, small excerpts can be copied if the publisher of the eBook grants it (almost all publisher permit copy).


11. How many times can I download my purchased eBooks ?

You can download them as many times as you want, your purchased eBooks stay in your account for life.


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