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Mobipocket Creator 4.0 - Home Edition

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Cover Image

You can personalize an ebook with your own cover image. Supported image file formats are: GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP.

To add a cover image to your publication:

  • Click on "Cover Image" in the View section of the left pane.
  • Browse your local disk to select an image or drag and drop an image file into the window.

    Import and conversion of cover image:

    • The image file is copied from its original location into the publication folder.
    • At the same time as it is copied,the file is converted from its original formatinto a GIF file and resized to the optimal size for a display in the Mobipocket Reader, i.e. toa size less than 64Kbytes.

You can also Remove or Update a cover image at any time by clicking on "Cover Image" in the View section of the left pane.

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