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How to create an eBook/Database with the built-in templates

The Mobipocket Creator enables you to create your personal databases, add and update entries with template-based forms.

The Creator Home Edition includes the following templates:

  • My Photo Album: Personalize your favorite pictures with your own words
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries Date Book: Keep those important dates at hand
  • Cooking Recipe Database: Your PDA is a Chef! Make a compilation of your all-time favorite recipes
  • Personal Dictionary/Glossary: Create your personal language reference and teaching tool
  • Cocktail Recipe Database: Turn your PDA into a personal bartender
  • Personal Travel Guide: Plan your next trip and take your customized travel guide along with you
  • Quizzes: Create your own Multiple-Choice Question based Quizzes
  • Restaurant Guide: Create a database of your own favorite restaurants
  • Shopping list: Build a customized shopping list and take it along to the store
  • Simple Generic Database: Build a fully indexed database of anything
  • Personal Wine Database: Your personal wine guide and cellar manager

Step 1 - Create a new Template-based Publication

  • On the Creator Home Page, click on the name of the template under the Create New Publication section.
  • On the next screen, enter the name of the Publication: this will be the title of the ebook displayed by the Mobipocket Reader on your PDA/smartphone
  • Choose the  folder where you want to store the publication files. The Creator will automatically create a subfolder in this folder, with the name of the publication
  • The default folder is the one you specified in the Application Settings, or the My Documents folder if you didn't change the original settings.
  • Click on Create to goto the next step

Step 2 - Add items to the publication

  • Click on the "New item" link in the Available Actions in the left pane
  • Fill in the fields in the form, and click on the Create button.
  • To update an entry in the publication list, double-click on it, or click on the Properties link.

Step 3 - Add a Cover page (optional)

  • Click on the Cover Image link in the left pane of the Publication Files view.

See Add a Cover page for more details

Step 4 - Build the ebook

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