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How to Import a Word document

  • On the Creator Home Page, click on "MS Word document" under the Import From Existing File section
  • On the next screen, Browse your local disk to select the Word file to import
  • The name of your publication will be set automatically to the filename of your Word document.
  • Choose the publication folder where you want to store the publication files. The Creator will automatically create a subfolder in the publication folder, with the name of the publication. The default publication folder is the one you specified in the Application Settings, or the My Documents folder if you didn't change the original settings.
  • Click on Import to start importing the file.

The Word document is converted into an HTML file. All the formatting (headings, links, table of contents, etc..) is preserved.

N.B. : A Word document can only be imported into a New Publication. It is not possible to import a Word document into an existing publication.

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