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Deploy the eBook to wholesale distribution systems

The Mobipocket Creator Publisher Edition allows you to deploy directly your eBook to wholesale distribution systems like eBookbase.

In order to do this, you have to have an account with each one of the wholesale distribution systems you want to deploy to. In the deploy page, you will see a "Create a new publisher account" link that will direct you to a page with instructions on how to create an account with that distributor. To create an account on eBookbase, go to www.ebookbase.com.

In order to deploy an eBook, you have to:

  • Fill carefully as many metadata as possible. A panel in the deploy page summarizes all the information about the current eBook.
  • Build the eBook using the DRM (Digital Rights Management) encryption option
  • Select the distribution system(s) you want to deploy to.
  • Enter the correct login and password for each selected distribution system.
  • Click on "Deploy now"

The eBook and potentially the cover image and the demo eBook are then uploaded on the distribution server. The metadata is sent to the distributor in order to update its database of available eBooks.

  • If the book was never deployed on this distribution system, a new entry is created for that eBook.
  • If the book had already be deployed on this distribution system, information is updated (the eBook, cover and demo files are updated; the metada in the database is updated).
  • In any case, if the deployment success is sucessful, the distributor assigns a unique ID to the eBook for future reference.

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