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Defining guide items

  • Guide items are special links that allow readers to jump in specific locations in the eBook.
  • Guide items are listed in the "Go to" menu in the Mobipocket Reader.
  • There are standard guide types such as "Table of Contents" (toc) or "Glossary".
For each guide item, you can enter the following information:
  • Title is the text displayed for each item in the "Go to" menu of the Reader.
  • Type is the type of the guide item. There are four special guide types:
    • toc the Reader follows this guide when the user clicks on the "Table Of Contents" icon
    • start the Reader automatically follows this guide when opening the eBook
    • find the Reader follows this guide when the user selects the "Find" menu
    • other.ms-coverimage this specifies a cover image for the eBook
  • Filename is the destination of the link. The Mobipocket Reader goes to this page when the user selects the guide item in the "Go to" menu. You can use anchors too.
  • onclick can be use instead of Filename to specify a script to execute when the user selects the guide item.

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