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Importing Image files

The following formats are supported: GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP

To add an image file to an ebook created from a Blank publication, click on the  "Add File (Item)" link in the Available Actions in the left pane

You can also drag and drop multiple image files into the Publication Files window

In a template based publication , if a form item includes a picture, you can add new items by drag and dropping multiple image files in the Publication Files window.
Example: in the Photo Album, drag and drop your photos to create new Photo items.

Image file import and conversion

  • All image files are copied from their original location into the publication folder.
  • At the same time as it is copied, an image file is converted from its original format into a GIF file and resized to the optimal size for a display in the Mobipocket Reader, i.e. to a size less than 64Kbytes.

In all cases and for all formats, an image may be resized during the final build of the publication, for an optimal display in the Mobipocket Reader, ie to a size less than 64Kbytes for a GIF-equivalent file size.

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