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Defining publication metadata

You can enter metadata concerning your publication.

This information is saved in the publication and is uploaded on the wholesale distribution system when you deploy your publication

Metadata you can enter for your eBook are the following:

  • eBook Title
  • Author (Last Name, First Name. Multiple authors are separated by semicolons)
  • Publisher (not used in the wholesale distribution system, your login identifies you as a publisher)
  • Imprint (optional)
  • ISBN
  • Language
  • Main Subject
  • Description
  • Review
  • Publishing Date (for reference only)
  • Cover image (by default, the cover image of the eBook is used; but one can used a different cover image in the eBook and in the wholesale distribution system)
  • Demo PRC file (optional, demo files can usually be generated automatically by the wholesale distribution system). This has to be an unencrypted Mobipocket PRC file
  • Suggested retail price and currency (mandatory to deploy to a wholesale distribution system)
  • Territory restriction

Note: Metadata should be filled properly before deploying the publication into a wholesale distribution system.

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