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Publication Preferences

Click on the Settings icon to edit the Publication Preferences

  • Default folder: This folder is used by the Creator as the default root folder where all publications are stored. When you create a new publication, the Creator will automatically propose this default folder as the base folder for the creation and storage of the publication files. See "How to create an eBook".
    The default value for this setting is the My Documents folder.
  • Default language: This is the language that will be set for all new publications that you create. The language of an ebook is used by the Mobipocket Reader mainly in the scope of the dictionary functionality, i.e. to automatically list the dictionaries corresponding to the language of the ebook.
  • Default encoding: This is the encoding that will be set for all new publications that you create.
    Western: for English and Western European languages (French, German, Spanish, Italian, etc..)
    or International for all other languages (Japanese, Chinese, Russian, etc..)
    Note that when you select the International option, the ebook may not display on all PDAs. The UTF-8 encoding also has to be supported by the Mobipocket Reader on each platform.
  • Copy external files into publication folder: When this option is checked, all files that you add to a publication are copied from their original location into the publication folder. When the option is unchecked, the file is linked to the publication from its original location on your computer. See also Image file import and conversion

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