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Table of Contents Wizard

This wizard automatically generates a table of contents file (mbp_toc.html) for your publication.

The table of content headings are extracted from the HTML files of your publication, based on tag name/attribute filters that you provide.

The title of a heading is the text encapsulated by a matching tag.

The wizard automatically adds anchors in the HTML files of your publication, at the position corresponding to a matching tag, and generates the hyperlinks for the headings in the table of contents file.

  • You can define up to three levels of headings
  • For each level, you can specify a filter based on a tag name OR a tag attribute+value OR a tag name AND attribute+value
  • A "Table of Contents" item appears in the Publication List. You can preview the table of contents HTML file by double-clicking on the "Table of Contents" item, then click the "Preview in web browser" link

Updating the table of contents

When you update the Table of contents, all anchors are regenerated according to the updated filters, and a new mbp_toc.html file is regenerated.


Tag nameAttributeValue
First Level:classtitle
Second Level:h2
Third Level:divclassheading3


  • An attribute must always be specified together with a value
  • If no matching tag is found at one level, any filters specified at levels below will be ignored
  • Anchors are inserted as "id" attributes on the matching tags, and with a "mbp_toc_" format

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