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Mobipocket Creator 4.0 - Publisher Edition

Getting Started
How to create an eBook - Step by StepHow to create an eBook/Database with the built-in templatesHow to Import a Word documentHow to Import a Text fileHow to Import a PDF documentImporting Image filesHow to save your publicationHow to open an existing publication
Publication Files
Where is my publication stored?Add files/Create new items/Remove itemsList view and Thumbnail viewChanging the order of a file in the publicationPreview and Edit a publication fileTable of Contents WizardDefining publication metatadaDefining guide items
Building an eBook
Security/Encryption OptionsBuild details: warnings and errorsTesting and reading on the PCSend the eBook to your PDADeploy the eBook to wholesale distribution systems
Application Settings
Publication PreferencesEditing Preferences
How to Register the Creator
Creator License
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List view and Thumbnail view

You can display the files in your Publication, either as a list, or as a set of thumbnail-sized pictures.

In Thumbnail view, items that are image files or template-based form items that include a picture, are displayed as pictures with a reduced size. This view is particularly useful for publications that are picture-based, for example the Photo Album.

To switch between List and Thumbnail view, use the selection box at the top right of the screen

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