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CDROM Creation
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CDROM Creation

How to create a multibook CDROM ?
  1. Use as a template the standard Mobipocket CDROM image for single eBook as a startup
  2. Under the root of the CDROM image, create a subfolder that will contain all your eBooks. This folder should describe the averall product. Make sure all eBooks you put in this folder are built with PRCGen non encrypted.
  3. Send to Mobipocket the name of your product plus the folder name you use in your image. You will receive in response from Mobipocket a private key. During that process a new CDROM product will also be added in your eBookbase account.
  4. Use the private key to encrypt all eBooks in the CDROM folder. To do so, open a command prompt, cd to the folder containing all eBooks and type

    cardtargetpc.exe -upgradesec -key=xxxxx .
    Where xxxxx is the private key you received from Mobipocket.
  5. At this point you have an image for a secure CDROM. You can use eBookbase to create serial numbers for your CDROM.

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