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Mobipocket Emulator

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How to use the Mobipocket Emulator

Change the PDA type

You can change the PDA type in the Devices menu of the Emulator window. Skins are listed by Operating System (PalmOs, PocketPC, SymbianOS,...). Simply select the PDA type you want in the sub menu.


Preview a Mobipocket file

To preview/open a Mobipocket file in the Emulator, you can:

  • Drag & drop any Mobipocket file (.PRC) on the Emulator window to open it.
  • Go to the main Mobipocket menu in the Emulator and select the Library item. Files under \MyDocumennts\My eBooks will be listed. Click on a file to open it.


Warning : Mobipocket Level 4 encrypted eBook files (with PID) won't open, as the Emulator can only display Level 1 to 3 Mobipocket files.

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