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Guide Items

OPF Guide item support

The sub-items of the Open-eBook publication <guide> item are displayed in the Mobipocket Reader Goto navigation menu. Clicking on an item in the Goto menu in the Reader goes to the position defined in the href or onclick attribute of the guide sub-item.

Mobipocket custom Guide items

toc: if the "toc" type of subitem is present, the Table of Contents icon in the Reader links to the position defined in the href or onclick attribute.

<guide> <reference type="toc" title="Table of Contents" href="mytoc.html"/> </guide>

start: if the "start" type of subitem is present, the action defined in the onclick is performed whenever the ebook is opened. Use this in dictionaries to make the dictionary open on the first page every time instead of the last page read. The last page read is not very useful in a dictionary.

<guide> <reference type="start" title="Start here" href="starthere.html"/> </guide>

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