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OPF x-metadata tags

Mobipocket allows you to specify useful information in x-metadata tags of an OPF publication. Tags described here should be used inside of the <x-metadata> tag which must be a child of the <metadata> tag defined by the Open Ebook Publication Format.


Use this tag to specify the encoding of the output ebook. Only Windows-1252 (an extension of Latin1) and UTF-8 encodings are supported.
Attribute Value Description
encoding Windows-1252 or UTF-8 Sets the encoding of the ebook
asp-as-binary yes | no Set this to use optimized ASP code generation (binary (=precompiled) ASP code executes faster).
content-type text/x-oeb1-document | application/x-mobipocket-subscription | image/ | application/msword | application/vnd.ms-excel | application/vnd.ms-powerpoint | text/plain | text/html | application/vnd.mobipocket-game | application/vnd.mobipocket-franklin-ua-game | audio/ Use this attribute to define the .PRC Type. Main .PRC types are : eBooks, eNews, eDoc and eAudio. eDoc sub type include : Word, Excel, Image, PowerPoint.


The cover of the book. A book must have a cover specified with thois tag instead of starting on an HTML page with an image in it.


Forces the default lookup index, i.e. the index that is opened when the ebook is used as a lookup dictionary from another ebook. It is also the index that is called with the index_search() method when no index name parameter is specified.


Dictionary input language. Specifying this tag with the DictionaryOutLanguage tag makes the ebook appear as a dictionary in the Reader Settings.


Dictionary output language. Specifying this tag with the DictionaryInLanguage tag makes the ebook appear as a dictionary in the Reader Settings.

<DictionaryVeryShortName> requires version 5.0

A short three-letter name for a dictionary ebook. This very short name is displayed in user word lists and search history results. By default if not specified, the very short dictionary name is the first three letters of the dictionary title. If set to empty, no dictionary name is displayed.


Forces the database name of the PRC file. If this parameter is not specified, the database name is derived from the title of the book. The database name is used to identify an ebook file in URLs, e.g. oeb:redirect. The database name should not contain spaces and only use Latin alphanumeric characters. The _(underscore) character is allowed as well.

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