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Mobipocket eBookBase is a Web-based service which includes a centralized repository of Mobipocket ebook files and the fulfilment of the download of DRM protected ebooks using Mobipocket Digital Rights Management (DRM) server software.

eBookbase Publishers upload their Mobi ebook files to the eBookbase repository, and Retailers can integrate with eBookbase in order to sell Mobi ebooks from the eBookbase catalog off their web site.

What eBookbase is not : it does not provide an eCommerce secure online payment service. This has to be managed independently by the Retailer Web Site.

The Retail Web Site and the Mobipocket eBookBase server communicate using web services and URLs with encrypted parameters sent via the client web browser.

Software to be installed on the Retail WebSite : The Retailer is required to install a "MobipocketSecureClient" component which handles the encryption of URL parameters. This component is available as:

  • an ActiveX component for Windows 2000/2003 Server running IIS (min version 5.0) with ASP/ColdFusion pages
  • a Java servlet for a Java based Web Server (e.g. Tomcat/Apache, min JDK version is 1.2.2)
  • or C++ source code that can be recompiled for other platforms (e.g. Linux or UNIX)

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