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Download Free Sample for an eBook

For each ebook in the eBookbase catalog, a free demo can be downloaded by the user from the Retailer's site. The demo file is a Mobi ebook, which is either a custom sample provided by the Publisher of the eBook, or a sample of the first few pages of the ebook generated automatically by the eBookbase server.

To offer free sample downloads on your web site, include a call to the following eBookbase URL:


BookID: ID of the eBook as provided in the eBookbase meta-data available in the Retailer's account
CommerceID : is the string that is provided by eBookbase to the Retailer when his eBookbase account is activated.
BookBuyURL: is the http URL of the web page that you wish to redirect the user to, in order to purchase the ebook. This URL appears at the end of the sample ebook, and on platforms where there is an online web access, when the user clicks on the link, he will be taken directly to that URL in the built-in web browser.

See also: Free sample downloads integrated with Mobi Reader Desktop eBookstore

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