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Frequently Asked questions

Will I be able to do test downloads of real ebooks from my retailer account?

See section on Testing

Will users be able to read ebooks both on their PC and their mobile device(s)?

Yes with Mobipocket Reader Desktop installed on their PC and Mobipocket Reader installed on their PDA or smartphone, the same ebook can be read on both platforms.

How many times will users be able to download the same book?

A user can redownload the same book from his user account on the Retail Web site any number of times. eBookbase does not track the download as a new purchase, as long as the RetailerTrans passed to eBookbase, which identifies the purchase transaction, is the same as for the original purchase. Use the User Online Library web service to ensure that this is the case.

How many devices can the user register at eBookbase?

Up to four devices can be registered at eBookBase.

What happens if a user buys a new device?

Mobi Reader Desktop (5.0 and above) handles reactivation of the user's ebooks for the new device seamlessly.


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