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Steps for a Retail site to integrate with eBookbase

This page applies to version 3 and above of the eBookbase server.

  1. Apply for an eBookbase Retailer account (Click here for information on how to apply)
  2. Once your account is activated, you can browse and download the meta-data for the available eBook catalog
  3. Reimport the ebook meta-data into your site in order to create pages for customers to purchase ebooks from your site.
  4. Download and install the MobiSecureClient encryption component, available in the Account Information section of your Retailer account
  5. Implement a user logon validation web service, and provide the logon URL to Mobipocket
  6. After a successful payment on your site, call the NewTransaction web service, in order to get the ebook file download link(s) from eBookbase, and provide the link(s) to your customer.
    N.B. : By default, the download link provided by the web service is an XML output which is interpreted by Mobi Reader Desktop (5.0 and above), and the download of the ebook file will be handled seamlessly within the Reader software. If you are providing the download link to a customer on your regular retail web site, i.e. not integrated as a Mobi Reader Desktop eBookstore, add the additional parameter Output=PRC to force the direct download of a full Mobi ebook file - instead of an XML output:
    http://www.mobipocket.com/webservices/download/download.asp?Token= xxxxxxx&Output=PRC
    N.B.: you will not be able to call the New Transaction web service until the user logon validation URL in the above step has been set by Mobipocket for your retailer account.

Optional services that a retailer can implement:

List your eBookstore in Mobi Reader Desktop 5.0 software

Download of a free sample ebook for each ebook item

(N.B. : the following services are already provided as part of the Mobi Reader Desktop 5.0 software)

User Online Library: for users to redownload ebooks they have purchased.

User Device Management: for users to view the list of devices registered at eBookbase, and add or delete a device.

Notes for Retailers migrating from V2 to eBookbase V3

With eBookbase V3, it is no longer required to provide the customer's registered PIDs in the call to eBookbase. Mobi Reader Desktop will automatically handle the registration of the user's devices when opening the ebook in the Reader, and user PIDs are stored within eBookbase. However since in eBookbase V2 users had to register their PID manually on your site, you probably already manage user accounts in your site database, where you store user PIDs. In this case it is recommended to migrate the already registered PIDs to eBookbase, using the eBookbase User Device Management web services. Existing PIDs should be migrated only if the user does not already have devices registered at eBookbase (use the GetDeviceList web service to check this).

The User Online Library web service returns all the customer eBookbase downloads, including transactions made with eBookbase V2.

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