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User Device Management

eBookbase manages device DRM activation for all users who purchase and download eBooks from an eBookbase Retailer.

The Mobi Reader Desktop PC client software handles user device registration and activation of ebook downloads. It is recommended to also implement the user device registration services on the Retailer's site, to support cases where Mobi Reader Desktop 5.0 cannot be used by the customer (e.g. for Mac users, smartphone OTA users, etc..).

Prior to accessing the user device management web services, the user must be logged on to eBookbase, by calling the User Logon procedure.

Before the user can read an ebook on a device, this device has to be added to his Device List at eBookbase. Call the AddDevice web service to do this.

A user can add up to four devices to his account. If the maximum number of devices has been reached, and the user has a new device which replaces an older reading device, the user has the option to delete a device from his account. Call the DeleteDevice web service.

To display the list of devices in a user's account, use the GetDeviceList web service.

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