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eBookBase Retailer Integration

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eBookbase V3
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What's new in eBookbase V3

eBookbase Server version 3 is released in conjunction with Mobi Reader Desktop 5.0 (October 2005).

New functionalities include:

  • Centralized Device PID management for users of all retail sites. Retailers no longer need to manage customer PIDs in their own system.
  • Use of Web services for communication between the retail site and eBookbase
  • Improved end-user DRM activation experience when using Mobi Reader Desktop 5.0
  • Integration of the Retailer's ebookstore in Mobi Reader Desktop 5.0 (optional)
  • Download free sample link for each ebook item
Should I use V3 or V2 ?

The eBookbase version 2 service is maintained and runs independently from eBookbase V3. New retailers should implement eBookbase V3. Existing V2 Retailers can continue to use V2, or upgrade to V3 in order to benefit from the new functionalities.

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