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Contents :

OTA (Over The Air) installation instructions :

  1. Open the webBrowser on your BlackBerry
  2. Go to http://m.mobipocket.com
  3. Choose "Download Mobipocket Reader"
  4. Then choose "BlackBerry" or "BlackBerry Storm/9500" if you have a storm or a 9500 phone series.
  5. Click on "Download" and the reader will be installed on your BlackBerry
  6. Download your first ebook.

Installation via the BlackBerry Desktop Manager :

  1. Download the zip file (click here)
  2. Connect your BlackBerry on your PC with USB cable.
  3. Start the "BlackBerry Desktop Manager" on your PC
  4. Start the "Application Loader" and select "Next"
  5. Click on the "Add application" button
  6. Navigate to the unzipped location and select "mobireader.alx", then select "Open"
  7. Select "Next" to install/upgrade the software on your BlackBerry
  8. Select "Finish", then select "Close"

Download your first ebook from your BlackBerry :

  1. Open the Mobipocket Reader on your BlackBerry
  2. Go to the library and choose "Ebookstore" in the menu.
    (Any issue ? See the FAQ)
  3. Choose the Mobipocket ebookstore
  4. Search or browse Bestsellers to find an ebook you like.
  5. Select the book and click on "Download sample", and the book will be automatically downloaded and opened, ready to be read !
  6. If you want to buy it, close the sample, then you are back in the ebookstore and you can choose "Buy" in the menu.
  7. Enter your username and password and select "log in", OR select "Create new account" in the menu.
  8. Follow the indications.
  9. Download the book to your BlackBerry
  10. Read it!

Get your first eBook via the Mobipocket Desktop Reader :

  1. Open the Mobipocket Desktop Reader 5.x/6.x
  2. Connect your Blackberry to your PC with USB cable.
  3. Select an eBook and "send to device" : "RIM Blackberry"
  4. The book is transferred and opened by your Blackberry!

You can browse the Mobipocket web site and download any free ebook sample to your PC, and send it to your Blackberry.

You can also add your Blackberry PID to your account and redownload your favourite book for your Blackberry. (Only trade titles, eNews and dictionaries are accepted by the Mobipocket Reader for Blackberry)

Note: The annotation synchronization is not fully supported by this B080 Beta version.

System Requirements :

The Mobi Reader 6.0 Beta requires a BlackBerry with Firmware 4.2.0 or higher.

Disclaimer :

This Beta version of Mobi Reader Lite is not supported and stable yet. Do not use it in a production environment : it may crash your device, so please make sure that you have a backup of your data before installing the Reader.

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