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How can I upgrade the firmware of my BlackBerry ?

BlackBerry software upgrades are available at the following locations:

See the complete list on the BlackBerry faq website.

"No additional applications designed for your handheld were found." message when adding mobireader.alx.

You need a Blackberry Desktop Manager version 4.2.0 or higher. Try to dowload the latest version at : http://www.blackberry.com/products/software/desktop/index.shtml

How do I uninstall the reader ?

Note : This operation deletes all files created on the BlackBerry (eBooks, and settings files).

  1. Connect your BlackBerry to your PC
  2. Start the "Desktop Manager" on your PC
  3. Start the "Application Loader" and select "Next"
  4. Unselect the Mobi reader. You can also delete it if you wish
  5. Select "Next" to uninstall the software off your BlackBerry
  6. Select "Finish", then select "Close"
  7. Your BlackBerry will reboot and the Mobi reader will be uninstalled

I've deleted the application on the BlackBerry but the application is still on the BlackBerry

If you use the application manager on the BlackBerry to delete the MobiReader Lite (option -> applications -> Mobi Reader Lite and select Delete) the Application won't be removed immediately.
To remove it immediately you must do a SOFT RESET.

Connection issue ?

Try this:
  • Access:
    • "Options > Service Book" or
    • "Tools > Settings > Service Book" or
    • "Options > Advanced options > Service Book"
  • Delete the entry "IPPP for 5 Click (IPPP)" or "E-mail set up [IPPP]"
  • Access Options > Host Routing Table or Tools > Settings > Host Routing Table
  • Click "Register Now"
If it doesn't solve the issue, check your APN settings:
  • Access:
    • "Options > TCP" or
    • "Tools > Settings > TCP" or
    • "Options > Advanced options > TCP"
  • Configure/Check the APN, the username and the password depending on your operator.

How do I a soft Reset ? (You won't lose data in this process)

From the handheld, pressthe ALT + CAP + DELETE keys at the same time (red keys):


Another issue ?

Post it on our forum, and we will happy to help you.

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