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Mobipocket Reader for java phones - Alpha

Welcome to the Mobipocket Website for Mobipocket Reader for java phones - Alpha program.

This is a first public alpha of the Mobipocket Reader for Java Phones. This version is developed for Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones, it also works on other devices.

After the install, if you have a Sony Ericsson, when you plug your phone into your PC on the storage mode, the Reader Desktop detects your phone like a device and you can send any book on your phone ( like on other devices ).

Otherwise, you can manually add the device PID on your account on the web site (In "My device list"). All book downloads after this manipulation are compatible with the java reader. Your PID is visible in the "about" menu in the library on your phone.

Updates and bug corrections will be posted on this site on a regular basis.
We encourage you to test and give us as much feedback as you can (both bug reports and suggestion/comments).

Latest version :

August 22, 2008: Build 78

Compatible with the Reader Desktop.

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