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Why the Mobipocket format?
  • Publish once and read everywhere : Mobipocket file format is cross-platform and handle 100% of PDA/Smartphone market, which is the reference platform for ebooks and also the PC and Tablet PC
  • Compliant to Open Standards: OEB, XHTML, Javascript
  • Fully Secure : with Mobipocket DRM Server, and providing time to live features for the Library market
  • Designed for reference and complex content : with Javascript support, HTML form submisssion, indexes and SQL queries, support of frames, superior compression and much more...
More than 500 publishers have already published over 27 000 titles, including very complex medical & reference content and trust the Mobipocket format.

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Retail web site creation partners
  • Digital Media Initiatives - Web site
    Digital Media Initiatives offers eBookBase version 3 compliance complete e-commerce retail bookstore with numerous features. Integration with ePublishing Business Model and EPUB Conversion. Contact: bk@epubnow.com
  • Make-a-Store, Inc. - Web site
    A full service, end-to-end shopping cart ecommerce provider for eBooks.
Conversion Partners
  • Aptara Inc. - Web site
    Aptara offers conversion, editorial and graphic production services. Our strength is in the scientific, technical and medical market. Our focus is on medium to larger publishers with 20 to thousands of books to convert. Contact: sales@aptaracorp.com, (703) 352-0001
  • Digital Media Initiatives - Web site
    Digital Media Initiatives provides content transformation to EPUB, PRC/MOBI, LIT, PDB, DocBook and NIMAS XML formats. ONIX, BISAC Best Practices and Web Applications supported. Contact:bk@epubnow.com
  • ICC Macmillan - Web Site
    ICC Macmillan offers a full range of electronic publishing services including large-scale content generation and conversion
  • IGS - Web site
    Full range of conversion services from any file format & paper book. We convert any language journals, dictionaries, technical & medical books, multi lingual books & complex formatting books at very economical prices. Contact: sales@itglobalsolution.com, (515) 865-4591
  • Impelsys - Web site
    Impelsys provides a multitude of services for content conversion. We can also handle converting hard copy print to an electronic format. We only do conversion of large volumes. Contact: David Saracco
  • Innodata Isogen, Inc. - Web site
    Innodata provides publishers and information providers with end-to-end services including digitization, content creation, conversion and consulting. Contact: Joan Meyer, (201) 371-2527
  • Kreutzfeldt Electronic Publishing - Web site
    Offers conversion services for German and English reference content. Contact: Hans Kreutzfeldt
  • Leer-e S.L. - Web site
    Leer-e offers conversion of digital formats, scanning, translation and a complete range of publishing services including Mobipocket and POD. Contact: info@leer-e.com
  • Pinion BV - Web site
    Pinion BV specializes in Dutch content for Dutch publishers. We offer a range of conversion services for the Dutch language market and can also sell the content through www.ebook.nl. Contact: info@ebook.nl
  • Publishing Dimensions - Web site
    Offers a suite of conversion services to large companies in the publishing industry, from content conversion to consulting.
  • SilverChair - Web site
    SilverChair specializes in medical content. Select Silverchair to develop high-value, information-critical products for the health care community.
  • Smart Site - Web site
    Smart site is a mobile content specialist for publishers. If you need to convert your eBooks or eMedia into a Mobipocket format for a reasonable fee, check us out www.smartsite.com/b2b_mobile.html.

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