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Find ebooks on Kindle     -     ! Mobipocket is hiring (french offer) !

Founded in March 2000, became in a few years the leader for reading eBooks on mobile devices: read dozens of thousands titles on your PDA or on your smartphone (Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Palm OS, Symbian, PocketPC, Franklin eBookMan, ...)

Mobipocket is one of the 3 main eBook formats based on the Open eBook specifications. An automatic secure reading system protects all Mobipocket books sold not only on our website but on our partner websites.

What do you want to read today? Choose among more than 40 thousands titles available on our website : novels, series, dictionaries, professional titles... Bring them with you everywhere.

Each user has his own virtual library in order to store and redownload all eBooks he bought on our website. This is free and your books are available 24 hours a day.

Mobipocket is an Amazon company since April 2005.

Why eBooks ?

Read everywhere:
Reading on a phone? What a funny idea... the screen is too small and I don't even read PDF documents! This is what I thought before trying, but... 5 minutes to kill? I always have a phone in my pocket. Packed subway? There is always enough room to pop out my phone. On vacation? I've my entire library with me. It's dark? It's cool to have a backlight. The screen is too small? Off course not, I like to read on my phone...

Did you ever carry 10 dictionaries and 1 encyclopedia at the same time?
10 grams on a micro-SD-card.

Did you ever try to read in the dark?
Don't disturb your spouse: shut off the light and read your eBook thanks to the backlight.

Did you ever try to read a book one handed?
eBooks are light and you can carry and turn page with the same hand. Useful in the subway or with a stroller, isn't it?

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