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Mobipocket Reader 5 for Mobile Devices : Freedom of Choice

Welcome to the most user friendly, versatile, and customizable eBook Reader. Whatever your mobile device, there is a Mobi Reader for it : PalmOs, Windows Mobile, Symbian (Series 60, Series 80, 90, UIQ), Blackberry, iLiad (by iRex), Cybook, ... And if you have a Symbian smartphone, an iLiad, or a Cybook, there is a good chance that Mobipocket Reader is already preinstalled!

One Reader, ANY Device : Freedom of Choice
Whatever the choice of your hardware is, you will always find a Mobi Reader for it. Whatever its size or type : your old 90's Palm, the latest and coolest Symbian smartphone, your ultra thin laptop, your old desktop PC and even your Blackberry handhled. And with its generous DRM rights, you won't have to make a choice : you can read your eBooks on up to 4 devices at the same time. For example : your Desktop PC (great for dictionary lookup and annotations), your laptop for your flight travel, your wife's stylish new Palm (for romance eBooks) and your latest Smartphone (for a Star Trek novel)!

Immersive Reading Experience : Better than paper
Mobipocket Reader lets you customize your reading experience. Customize : margins, line spacing, full text justification with hyphenation. Change the font size and the background color. Use the fullscreen mode and sub pixel font rendering for a fully immersive reading experience. Turn pages with a keypress or a stylus touch, or even use the autoscroll feature if you are too lazy to turn pages! Change the screen orientation to transform your Tablet PC or your PDA into the perfect mobile reading device.

My Library : The power of Reading Lists
All your digital books stored on your local device are listed here. Organize all your books into Reading List on your device. With one tap, filter by type, location, and of course by reading list. On the top bar, the total number of eBooks in the current view is display and also the total size. Our new smart cache mechanism displays your library at a blazing speed, even with hundreds of titles.

Annotations & Highlights : It's Your Book
Mobipocket  Reader gives you plenty of tools to annotate, bookmark, highlight, any part of any eBook. You can even draw on the page or create your own custom hyperlinks.

Removable Cards : MMC, SD, CF, Memory Stick, we like them all
At Mobi, we know a memory card is your mobile device's best companion. You will appreciate the simplicity and powerfull support in the new Mobi Reader. With one tap, you can display all content stored in main memory, your external removable card and on the internal storage card too. You can see instantly the number of eBooks and their size on the top bar. Right click on any eBook and you have the option to move it to any other location. Use the Memory Info view to display at a glance all available locations, total storage size and free space. A small icon indicator tells you if an eBook is on a card or not.

Customize Device Buttons & Toolbar : Take control of your Reader A mobile device has a small screen and Mobi Reader has so many functions... To statisfy every single user, you can fully customize the toolbar icons to match your own unique needs. And with the latest release, you can now also affect each function to your device hard buttons : convenient to bookmark a page when reading fullscreen or switching to the annotations view with one finger press.

Search and Lookup : It's built-in
Lookup any word with the latest multidictionary search function. It even does the disinflection and spell correction if needed. Choose between hundreds of reference dictionaries from world renowned publishers in the eBook Store.

Mobipocket Reader Desktop 6.2
Mobipocket Desktop eBook Reader will recognize any reading device on first connection and install the appropriate mobile reader automatically.

Release History

Mac, Linux, Win98/ME users, click here for manual install on mobile device

Feature presentations

For Windows PC
  • All your Digital Text
  • Manage & Organize
  • Sync and Go
  • Annotate & Review
  • Onscreen Reading
  • Office & PDF conversion
  • RSS feeds
  • Dictionary search
 For your Mobile Device
 Palm, Windows Mobile
 Blackberry, Symbian
  • Read on any Device
  • Immersive Reading
  • Personnalize
  • Reading lists
  • Search & Lookup
  • Annotate
 Integrated eBookstore
  • Discover eBooks
  • Free Books & Samples
  • Easy to buy
  • Instant Download
  • Freedom of choice
  • Virtual bookshelf

Streamlined user interface
  • Black skin
  • New eBookstore look
  • Unified backward/forward navigation 
  • Simplified toolbar
  • Hidden menu
Improved library
  • New thumbnail view
  • Filtering and sorting
  • Group view
Better book reading experience
  • Automatic column layout
  • Turn pages with the mouse
  • Dynamic layout settings
New uses for dictionaries 
  • Multi-dictionary search 
  • Dictionary lookup from other applications
Easy device connections 
  • Auto-send of new eBooks
  • Reader install wizard
  • Syncs with UIQ3 devices
  • Syncs with Blackberry Pearl
  • Improved sync reliability 
  • Balloon messages on error
Microsoft Help files (CHM) import 

RSS eNews 
  • Read on any device.
  • 250,000 free RSS feeds
  • Newslists
  • Newspaper view
My library 
  • New Bookshelf view
  • Streamlined Look & Feel

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