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The Mobipocket eBook Reader for dedicated devices

Try the E Ink experience: amazing readability on a large screen, extraordinary battery lifetime, thin, light... the perfect technology for reading eBooks! The Mobipocket reader is already inside: buy one of these dedicated device and you will be able to get ebooks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The Cybook from Booken:

The Cybook is an ultra-light reading device based on E ink« screen technology. Its screen possesses a paper-like high contrast appearance and is readable even under direct sunlight.

This unique device offers an impressive battery lifetime of 8,000 page flips.

The Cybook reads many file formats and offers access to a wide range of digital documents.

Available on the Bookeen website


The iRex Digital Reader 1000 from iRex Technologies:

The iRex Digital Reader series are powerful e-readers for the business professional, offering great readability for large digital documents, a lightweight design, connectivity and a stylus for making handwritten notes.

Featuring an extra large 10.2-inch display, a sleek and lightweight design, the iRex Digital Reader is the largest, yet thinnest e-reader ever and it's packed with all the incredible features you've come to expect in an iRex e-reader - amazingly paper-like display, a Wacom « touch screen (1000S / 1000SW) and wireless connectivity (1000SW).

Available on the iRex website


The iLiad from iRex Technologies:

The iLiad is a portable device that lets you read and write as you do on paper everywhere you go.

Everything you like to read, like books, newspapers and documents, you can now take along on a device as small and light as a single book. Even in bright sunlight the display of the iLiad offers you perfect readability.

With the iLiad can you also send, receive and share documents with family, friends or business colleagues.

Available on the iRex website


The Hanlin from Jinke:

Hanlin device is an ePaper Reading device based on E ink display technology, which has the features like high contrast, low power consumption and light weight.

It adopts the Linux OS, supports Mobipocket format and many other file formats, and is compatible with Windows file structure.

Available on the Jinke website.


The BeBook from Endless Ideas:

The BeBook supports over 20 file formats including Mobipocket.

It has a patented Vizplex screen which offers the ultimate reading experience. It's large 512 Mb internal easily stores over 1000 average sized books.

Available on the BeBook website.

Mobipocket eBook Reader

 The Mobipocket eBook Reader is already installed on these devices!

You don't need to install anything.

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