* Although Mobipocket is designed to work on all the platforms listed below, it is not possible given the very large number of different models to guarantee that all functionalities are supported on each and every specific device. Please download the trial version of the software to ensure that it works on your own device.

PalmOS version 4.0 and above: all devices
N.B. : Mobipocket Reader for PalmOS requires 1MB of free internal memory
See list of PalmOS Handhelds
See list of PalmOS Smartphones

Windows Mobile:
Pocket PC 2000/2002/WM 2003/WM 2005/WM 6: all devices. See http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/pocketpc/default.mspx
Smartphone: all devices. See http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/smartphone/default.mspx

Symbian OS:
Series60, UIQ, Series80, Series 90: see list of devices http://www.symbian.com/phones/index.html

Firmware 3.7 or higher (all recents).
Handhelds 5800, 6500, 6700, 6200, 7100, 7200, 7500 series can be upgraded to firmware 3.7 if needed except 5810/5820, 6750, and 6710 (with only 8MB of flash) devices.

Iliad by iRex:
The Mobipocket reader is preinstalled. If not, do the upgrade!

Cybook Gen3 by Bookeen:
The Mobipocket reader is preinstalled.

Supported up to version 4.8 only:

Symbian Series 4 & 5 & 5MX: Ericsson MC218 , Nokia 9210(i)/9290 Communicator, Psion netBook, Revo, Revo Diamond Mako, Revo Plus, Osaris

Windows CE:
HPCPro, Wince 2.12, Windows CE 3.x, Windows CE .Net: all devices
Win CE 2.0 (Palm-size PC)

Franklin (eBookMan Series 900, 901, 911 ; Bookman 1850)

Casio BE-300