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Learn a Language on your PocketPC!

Millions of people have already learned a foreign language successfully with .

Now and have brought together a highly innovative tool for language learning : the Assimil method on Pocket PC.

Top quality multi-media teach-yourself courses, the equivalent of 500 pages of a text book, combined with audio recordings by professional native speakers (MP3 audio). And especially, the "audio-comparison" function enables you to record your pronunciation and then playback to compare with the teacher.

How does it work ?

FREE : Try the Demo version of "SPANISH With Ease" (1st lesson with text+audio)

1. Download the latest version of Mobipocket Reader for Pocket PC or Mobipocket Desktop Reader 6.0, required to use the Assimil methods
2. You must have Windows Media Player (7 or greater) installed: the audio part does not work on a Palm, an eBookman, a Blackberry or a Symbian device.

SPANISH With Ease Demo (text+audio) :

Available methods :


Do you want to learn Spanish quickly and efficiently ? You're now holding the best tool available to help you reach your goal "with ease".

New FRENCH With Ease

With just thirty minutes of relaxed study each day, you can acquire French in the same way that you learned your own language : by natural assimilation.

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