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First steps tutorial
What is an eBook ?
Download the free Mobipocket eBook Reader

How to use this method?

Install the latest version of Mobipocket Reader for Pocket PC, and check Windows Media Player version

Assimil methods are available only for PocketPC and Windows PC users

The full functionality of the Assimil methods requires the installation of Mobipocket Reader 5.2 on your Pocket PC or PC. Download Mobipocket Reader.
You must have Windows Media Player (versions 7 at least) installed. Note that Assimil currently works with Windows Media Player and is therefore not supported on Windows Mobile devices where WMP version 7 or later can't be installed.
Download Windows Media Player 7.1 for Pocket PC.

Installation of a method

An Assimil method for PocketPC is like any other ebook that you can purchase from the Mobipocket website - see the catalog

When the purchase of an Assimil method has been successfully completed, you will be getting the following files for download :
-> The Text of the lessons (one .prc ebook file)
-> Several .prc files, each corresponding to the audio recordings for one week of the language course.

Synchronize these files to your Pocket PC. Note that the text and audio files must be in the same folder on your PDA.

You will find all these files at any time on the Mobipocket website in your "My Mobipocket" account. You are therefore not required to download all the audio files at once.
In fact, we recommend that you download and install only one audio file at a time , for the current week.

The Assimil method

With just thirty minutes of relaxed study each day, you can acquire a foreign language in the same way that you learned your own language : by natural assimilation. The Assimil method consists of two phases :
The passive phase : during which you simply read and take in the dialogue and explanations;
The active phase : occurs halfway through the book, when you begin to generate your own sentences and to communicate spontaneously in a variety of everyday situations.

Visit Assimil website.

The lesson

A lesson consists of a series of numbered phrases.
- Read and repeat each phrase.
- You can listen to the teacher's pronunication by clicking on the audio icon : next to a phrase.
- You can record your own pronunication and then playback to compare with the teacher's. The recorder/playback audio control bar is displayed automatically after each click on an audio icon.
- Hyperlinks to notes on grammar and civilisation are provided at the end of each phrase :
- Clicking on the phrase number and on the text of the phrase displays the phonetic transcription (icon ) or the translation (icon ). The answer to an exercise is indicated by the icon . This information is displayed in a tooltip.
- You will find a set of exercices and all the notes at the end of each lesson.
- A link will appear at the end of each lesson from the 50th lesson onwards, which will take you back through the first lessons, but in the active phase : where you will be practising translating from English into the foreign language.

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